i.play (Images courtesy playdale)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the debate over how influential video games are on a child’s behavior wages on there’s no denying that spending hours sitting on a couch is not great for their health. Let’s face it these kids aren’t big boned and all that excess weight can’t be shrugged off as just baby fat. So a UK company called Intelligent Designs has come up with a way to trick kids into getting active and in shape through a video game/jungle gym hybrid.

Called the i.play it can be installed anywhere like a school yard or playground and it has a series of interactive buttons and switches mounted all over it. When the game starts a particular one will light up and you have to push, pull, spin or stomp on it in order to progress. You keep running from switch to switch as they light up and when the game ends you’ll be given a score that you can post on the company’s website to see how you stack up against other kids. And besides helping to combat a growing health concern the i.play is also solar powered winning it points on the environmental side too.

[ i.play ] VIA [ SlashGear ]