What it is

The Roomba Combo Essential is a robot vacuum and mop that offers a 4-stage cleaning system to clean hard floors in one sweep. It features a V-shaped multi-surface brush, an Edge-Sweeping Brush, and a pump-fed microfiber mop pad. With 18 times more suction power than its predecessors, it provides customizable cleaning with three power levels, allowing users to choose between a quieter cleaning mode or a more powerful vacuum. The battery can last up to 120 minutes, and it can automatically return to its charging station to recharge. It is available for $274.99 (currently on sale for $219.99).

Who it’s targeted at

The Roomba Combo Essential is designed for individuals seeking a convenient and affordable solution for automated floor cleaning. In short, until recently combo vacuum and mops were very expensive.

Similar products

Similar products in the market include other robot vacuums with mopping capabilities, such as the iRobot Roomba Combo i5+ and the Roomba Combo j9+ (though those are more expensive). These offer similar cleaning systems with additional features like automatic dirt disposal, smart mapping, and more advanced controls through the iRobot mobile app.

Things to consider

  • Cleaning efficiency: Consider your cleaning needs and whether the Roomba Combo Essential’s combination of vacuuming and mopping will meet them.
  • Navigation and mapping: The robot’s ability to navigate around obstacles and under furniture can vary. Ensure it meets your home’s requirements.
  • Battery life: With 120 minutes of battery life, the robot should suit most households, but larger spaces might need additional recharges.
  • Control options: The iRobot Home app allows you to control the robot and schedule cleaning sessions, while voice commands with Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant add convenience.
  • Price: The Roomba Combo Essential is priced competitively, but compare it with other models to ensure it meets your needs and budget.