Is That A Secure Hard Drive Or An Ugly Number Pad?


By Luke Anderson

Very rarely do I ever carry around highly-sensitive information on my laptop. However, it seems like a month doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about some government or bank notebook getting stolen, which has private information from thousands of people stored within. Honestly, if you’re going to carry around sensitive data, why not put it on an encrypted external hard drive such as this one from Lenovo?

This drive features 128-bit advanced encryption, which should keep out all but the most determined of hackers. What sets it apart from some other encrypted drives is the physical keypad on top. This means it can be easily used on any number of computers, so long as you remember the code. There doesn’t seem to be a specific length that the code needs to be, so it would take a very long time to guess the correct one. It will come in 160GB and 320GB flavors when it launches this month for $179 and $219 respectively.

[ Lenovo ] VIA [ GearLog ]