The Durmet Smarttress is a mattress embedded with 24 ultrasonic movement sensors, and a WiFi chip that then relays information gathered from these sensors. They’re called “Lover Detection System” and their purpose is to alert you when your bed is being used “in a questionable way”. In other words, if your spouse is cheating on you, you’ll get a dandy little notification on your smartphone. Worse yet, launching the app will also inform you of certain metrics involved during said incident, sharing metrics like “Speedometer” and “Intensity and impact per minute”. So not only will you be able to know your partner cheated, you’ll know just how much fun they had while doing so. It’s… beyond creepy, to be honest. And we’re wondering if anyone in their right mind would ever drop $1,750 on a mattress that essentially symbolizes and embodies the mistrust and dysfunction that must be present in a relationship for its purchase to be justified. We’d like to suggest that the money would most certainly be better spent on couples counselling, or even a hefty amount of alcohol… just to forget the fact that you’re suspecting your loved one of infidelity.

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