Stylus pens make it easier for you to scribble notes or doodle on your iPad, but what if you wanted a physical copy of it, too? The last time I did this, I had to take screenshots of my work, transfer the files to my laptop, and arrange everything on a Word processor before I could print it. It took up a lot of time and I didn’t really end up with the kind of printed notes that I wanted.

If you do this a lot, then you might want to check out the iSketchnote. It’s smarter than your average smart iPad cover as it integrates a new digitizing technology called ISKN technology.

So how does it work? The cover has built-in sensors that recognize and track the movements of the iSketchnote pen, which is your basic ballpoint pen with a magnetic ring on it. It comes with a companion app that digitizes your notes and lets you choose ink colors for your digital notes.

Aside from letting you simultaneously take notes on your notebook and iPad, iSketchnote’s Open Mode enables real-time sharing so you can share your notes with anyone who’s anywhere in the world.

iSketchnote is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $149 will get you the complete pack which includes the cover and three pens.

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