If you spent a stupid sum of money on a bottle of wine, you’re probably going to want to do yourself a favour and enjoy it properly. Yes, that does mean you have to let it breathe and oxidize before you drink it, which can take time and involves a fair bit of know-how.

iSommelier filters the ambient air to remove any impurities (moisture, dust, odors) and isolates oxygen from nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It aerates wine with a constant flow of purified and highly concentrated oxygen thanks to its advanced oxygen extraction system which uses no chemicals.

To be perfectly honest, we’re a little doubtful of its ability to actually separate oxygen from the other gases in our atmosphere, but we took our Chemistry classes so long ago, we could be wrong. If we just take the company’s word for it, the iSommelier will speed up the decanting process significantly, and you can track everything it’s doing through a connected smartphone application. It’s $1,499.

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