Shark Staple Remover

By Evan Ackerman

I’m not much for staplers, since you can’t staple email and paper is soooo 20th century. But you don’t need paper to appreciate the unbridled ferocity embodied in the menacing fangs of a staple remover. Admit it, you used to pretend that they were jaws with nasty big pointy teeth. And finally, they CAN be. This shark staple remover (the companion shark stapler is also available) gets the job done in a toothily satisfying manner, and when nobody’s looking, you can use it to chew up your hapless pencils. You can check out their entire catalog of staple removers of death (including a snake, dragon, 800 pound gorilla, and tyrannosaurus skull) here; sadly, there are no rabbits. $55.

[ Jac Zagoory ] VIA [ Neatorama ]