jacob_jensen_doorbell_feb05It’s sad that it would be ridiculous for me to want to own this. It would just be so completely out of place in my appartment. Perhaps when I richify myself and buy a nice house to match… Meanwhile, for my more affluent readers, you might be interested in this doorbell by designer Jacob Jensen, creator of a truly smokin’ (no pun intended) smoke alarm.

And it’s not a case of form over function, no no. See, it’s wireless for one. It features 5 high-quality polyphonic tunes. One of them is a recording of the designer himself knocking on the door. Very chichi. And one is for the hard of hearing (aka the ear piercer).

You have one chime, any number of bells (for which of course, you pay), joined wirelessly with a range of 150 meters. It’ll be out in early spring, and there’s no word on price.

Check it out.