Designer Jacob Jensen makes all sorts of very sleek looking things for the home. We’ve already covered one of his products, the designer doorbell.

This time, it’s a wireless phone equipped with DECT technology, which stands for (for those of you not in the know, including me) “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications Technology”. It would seem this makes things, uh, better. Anyhow…

Up to 6 cordless handsets can work together with a single base unit to perform the function of a telephone and intercom system with calls transfer between handsets and base unit. It has a long range of operation with digital call clarity and user-friendly driven functions.

In addition, its built-in caller ID decoder, caller ID memory for 30 incoming numbers, phone book for 40 pre set numbers, redial and redial list provide simple and convenient management of your telephone calls.

Not exactly technology to write home about, but combined with the look and the Jensen name, you can almost justify the $300 pricetag.

Get it here. Story VIA TRFJ.


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