Jacobsen Snooze Alarm Clock Radio (Image courtesy MoMA Store)By Andrew Liszewski

If it wasn’t for an alarm clock, my typical week would probably only consist of 3 or 4 days where I was actually awake. And while I’m quite happy with my current model, I have to admit the button layout is a bit complex to reliably navigate in my half-awake/half-asleep state each morning.

I assume that designer Tobias Jacobsen had similar experiences with alarm clocks, which inspired him to create this Snooze Alarm Clock Radio which streamlines the interface, and puts more emphasis on the snooze button. It features a conductive antenna for the radio, but you also have the option of waking up to the traditional electronic alarm sound if you’re so inclined. It uses two built-in speakers for maximum effect, and includes a sleep timer as well as the aforementioned snooze function. The only downside is that it’s available from the MoMA Store for a ridiculous $95. At that price I’ll happily mash away at my current alarm clock in the morning until the beeping stops.

[ Jacobsen Snooze Alarm Clock Radio ] VIA [ Digital Drops ]