sophia nani

By David Ponce

Here’s to being somewhat unconvinced Japan’s Sophia Nani will make the same sort of impact as the iPhone. Yet, there it is: a smartphone set to be unveiled today at Wireless Japan 2007 with a full 4.3 inches of screen real estate and 800 x 400 pixels of resolution (beating the iPhone’s 480 x 320). That’s an entire inch on the iPhone, which is great. But unfortunately that’s just about where the greatness ends.

[It’s got a ] 600MHz processor and there’s Wi-Fi, dual cameras and a digital terrestrial tuner. Memory comes in the form of a microSD card with no internal user storage at all. On the software front, Windows CE seems an unlikely choice.

The kicker? For media management, the Japanese firm has opted for Windows Media Player.

There’s no word on price or availability.

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