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Jelfin Mice Are Squishy, Squeezable, Shaped Like Balls

Jelfin Mice Are Squishy, Squeezable, Shaped Like Balls


By Evan Ackerman

Are you finding that your mouse is both not aerodynamic enough and not soft enough to effectively throw at people or animals without risking injury related lawsuits? Jelfin has the solution for you, with a mouse that’s about the size and shape of a baseball and covered in squishy gel. It’s supposed to be ergonomic and super comfortable, kinda like a stress relief ball, and includes two buttons and a three dimensional optical scroll wheel.

And a “travel can,” for whatever that’s worth.

This sort of reminds me of Apple’s terrible little round mice that came with the iMac. SORT OF reminds me, just because it’s round and strange… I’m not saying that the Jelfin is going to be terrible or anything, but as with any unorthodox peripheral as critical as a mouse, I’m inherently skeptical, simply because mice have been around for a while, and there’s an accepted shape that seems to work. I will say that this mouse would be infinitely more appealing if somehow the ball shape could be used to enable a few additional axes of control, kind of like a Space Navigator or something. Just a thought.

The Jelfin mouse is available in 5 colors, none of which are black or white or anything else normal, for $35 right now on Amazon.

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