Jetbike (Images courtesy of Aquajet Corporation)
By Andrew Liszewski

For those living lives so extreme that a jetski seems boring comes the Jetbike which is basically a motorcycle designed to skim across the water instead of asphalt. It uses the same propulsion system as a jetski does but that’s really where the similarities end. The Jetbike is far more aerodynamic providing a smoother ride on the water and also uses a unique dual steering system with an adjustable front ski and rear nozzle.

Of course the question everyone asks is how does the Jetbike not tip over when it’s stopped given how high it sits out of the water? Well the designers came up with a clever solution there. As the Jetbike slows to a stop the lower section actually fills with water causing the bottom portion of the craft to sink below the surface of the water. This changes its center of gravity making it impossible to tip when not moving. In addition the seat and handlebars sit just above the water line when stopped making the craft easier to get on and off of. Once you hit the throttle though the tanks are emptied and the Jetbike rises up out of the water again.

The Jetbike is custom built by the Aquajet Corporation for $14,995 with a $1,500 (10%) down payment at the time of ordering so I think I’ll just get one.

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