Jins Meme

Most wearable tech focuses on the external and social aspect of things. For instance, Google Glass comes with an impressive facial recognition system that could let you identify and look people up while you’re literally looking at them. And that’s fine, if you want to spend most of your time wearing smart glasses that let you do more with what you’re seeing.

But if you want to start looking within, then you might want to check out the Jins Meme sensory glasses. These smart specs make use of electro oculography, which is the process of sensing electrical potentials vie eye movement, thanks to its six-axis acceleration sensor. It also has three additional sensors on the frame on the touch points of the wearer’s face in order to detect and monitor changes in body physics.

The Jins Meme glasses sync with an app on your smartphone so you can keep track of your stats and check your over physical status. With the glasses on, you’ll be able to monitor your tiredness or sleepiness level (which will come in handy when you’re driving after a particularly long day), concentration level, and signs of sleep.

The Jins Meme glasses will debut in 2015 and will cost an estimated 70,0000 Yen, which is about US$685.

VIA [ Damn Geeky ]