Kapten Talking Pocket GPS Navigational System (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can kind of consider the the Kapten Talking Pocket GPS from Kapsys to be the iPod Shuffle of GPS devices. It’s easily one of the smallest GPS navigational aids on the market, and it manages to stay so petite by foregoing an LCD display. Instead, it talks you to your destination with spoken directions. And to tell the Kapten where you want to go, you quite literally tell it where you want to go using spoken commands and voice recognition like “Restaurant: McDonald’s.”

The Kapten is also Bluetooth-equipped, allowing it to be paired with your cellphone and used to answer or make calls, and there’s a handy geo-tagging button that lets you remember a favorite location and share it online later. 3GB of on-board storage can be used for uploading additional map content (this version covers the United States only) or you can fill it with music since it also functions as a voice-controlled MP3 player, just like the iPod Shuffle. However, unlike the iPod Shuffle, the display-less Kapten doesn’t come with a budget-friendly price tag. It’s currently listed on Amazon for a whopping $475.

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  1. “colder… colder… cold… warmer… warmer… warm… hot! hot! hot! You arrived at your destination.”

    better yet
    “Marco… Polo… Marco… Polo… Marco?”