Karate Chopper Lettuce Knife

Karate Chopper Lettuce Knife (Images courtesy GAMA-GO)

Karate Chopper Lettuce Knife (Images courtesy GAMA-GO)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t care what Cook’s Illustrated has to say about it, if they made a stainless steel version of this Karate Chopper lettuce knife, I’d use it for anything and everything in my kitchen. They say that Bruce Lee was able to halve an onion with his hand from just an inch away (yes, I know his discipline was Jeet Kune Do, not Karate) but with this knife anyone can feel like a martial arts master, even if they’ve never broken a single board in their life. This version is made from dishwasher safe high-impact plastic, and is available from GAMA-GO for just $12. It’s fine for vegetables and breads I suspect, but until a metal butcher knife version is available, I’d avoid going to town on meats with it.

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