Faber-Castell has been making colouring pens for a couple of hundred years. They’ve recently teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld, the famous designer, to release a limited edition set of colouring pencils. Called the Karlbox, it contains hundreds of different pencils, a short overview of which is below:

120 ALBRECHT DÜRER ARTISTS’ WATERCOLOUR PENCILS Fully water soluble, unsurpassed lightfastness and colour brilliance. 60 POLYCHROMOS ARTISTS’ COLOUR PENCILS Smooth, intense colour laydown and outstanding lightfastness. 60 POLYCHROMOS ARTISTS’ PASTELS Highly pigmented pastels for details and shading of larger areas. 60 PITT ARTIST PENS BRUSH Lightfast India ink pen with flexible brush nib. 13 PITT ARTIST PENS FINELINER Lightfast India ink pen for detailed drawings. 3 PITT ARTIST PENS METALLIC Lightfast India ink pen with high opacity even on dark paper

Of course a limited edition, Karl Lagerfeld colouring box doesn’t come cheap, and this one clocks in at $2,850.


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