By David Ponce

Designers Yoonsang Kim & Eunsung Park have envisioned the above keyboard, called the “Keystick” as a fully functional qwerty device that would fold up like an accordion when not in use, into the shape of a stick. It’s arguably better than some of the current solutions, like rolling keyboards, since they’re mushy and don’t feel like normal keyboards. Or regular folding keyboards (like the Matias) that take up so much space they might as well not bother trying to be compact.

Sadly it’s just a concept at the moment, but you can look at a few more pictures after the jump.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]


  1. That's a great concept, very new and different. This way your keyboard will be hard and not made out of squishy material. The easy go and storage of this accessory will be a benefit to users.