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KFC Keyboard: Hungrier By the Letter

KFC Keyboard: Hungrier By the Letter

KFC Keyboard

A keyboard made by KFC that’s covered with tiny(but still yummy-looking) pieces of chicken and drumstick-shaped flash drives? Where else can you expect to find gadgets like these but Japan? Of course, it’s not complete without a mouse…so KFC Japan threw in a drumstick mouse into the mix, too!

Granted, the only letters you’ll find on the keyboard are K, F, and C. You’ll have a lot of guesswork to do with the other letters if you’re not used to typing without glancing down at the letters on your keyboard anymore.


The bad news? The chicken keyboard, mouse, and flash drive are only available as part of a promotion in KFC Japan. The good news? You’ll avoid a lot of typos and painful fingers by using your regular old keyboard.

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