Shredmaster JR Micro Plug N Play Guitar (Image via dreamGear)
By Shane McGlaun

Parents with kids or really small adults that really want to get some shred time in on Guitar Hero, but don’t want to buy a game console and an actual copy of Guitar Hero to do it are in luck. DreamGear has a plug and play guitar called the Shredmaster JR Micro Plug N Play guitar that connects to any TV with AV inputs.

Once connected the guitar has a presumably Guitar Hero like game that features ten fully licensed songs that you have actually heard of. The list of tunes your little ones can jam to includes Smoke on the Water, I Love Rock and Roll, Iron Man, You Give Love a Bad Name, Billion Dollar Babies, Hotel California, Paradise City, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Paranoid, and Master of Puppets. The software also allows the creation of custom songs. The Shredmaster JR is available now and sells for $49.99, tight spandex pants and big hair not included.

VIA [ dreamGear ]