One Dollar Pigs

Most people do stupid things when they’re pissed. Unfortunately, they just end up making themselves look even dumber than people originally thought they were. Case in point? Well, there’s this guy who felt that he was being ‘extorted’ by a traffic camera which caught him running a red light.

He got a ticket, given the fact that he was caught and all. He then ranted and claimed theĀ “town where the cops (and absurd red-light cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that’s it.” So instead of paying his ticket and letting it go, he took 137 dollar bills and painstakingly folded each and every one of them into tiny origami pigs. As revenge.

Did he fail to see the irony of it all? It looks like he’s proud of what he did though, because he uploaded a video documenting the entire thing on YouTube. Probably to show the whole world how he got back at the cops for the ticket–not.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]


  1. Red light cameras are a complete scam. The scam is that the private companies who maintain them sell the idea to cities that the cameras will pay for the maintenance fees plus provide revenues. However what ALWAYS happens is that when people become accustomed to the camera locations red light running drops and revenues drop. What also ALWAYS happens is that cities shorten the yellow light times below federally recommended times in order to increase the number of red light runners and car crashes. Not just my opinion but facts supported by research.

  2. That’s what happened in our city. Revenue dropped. Then, in an ironic twist, one guy took it to court (our city tried to get around the innocent until proven guilty idea by making them civil infractions). He won, donated his returned money to charity. The entire system has been shut down ever since (but of course the stupid city (taxpayers) are still on the hook). The really funny part was the guy that took them to court ADMITTED he ran the light, and was a retired police officer.

  3. The guy did something creative, got a dig in at the police, and now someone at the police station has to spend their time unfolding 137 tightly folded bills in order to use them. I’d say that if he didn’t win, he at least came in even.

  4. The ticket had nothing to do with red-light cameras, they were for an issue regarding his registration stickers. You may consider this a waste of time but he enjoyed making them over the span of a few days. Many people have hobbies which largely could be considered “wastes of time” but atleast he enjoyed doing it without disrespecting or causing harm to anybody in the process.