You’ve seen them: kids on boats thinking they’re too cool to wear a life jacket. It’s all fun and games until one of them falls off and realizes he doesn’t know how to swim. Had he been wearing the Kingii wristband, he might’ve lived. It’s a flotation device that’s activated with the pull of a lever: pull on it and it punctures a CO2 cartridge, which then fills up a bright orange bag. This will give the wearer enough buoyancy to make it back to the surface, while the bright orange bag makes finding the person in distress easier. There’s even an integrated whistle to help you attract attention, increasing your odds of survival. It’s a brilliant design, since more people are likely to wear an unobtrusive wrist-worn flotation device than the admittedly bulky and annoying vests. It’s a $79 pledge for one Kingii with 2 CO2 packs.



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  1. @brewnette:disqus the Kingii is not self-inflatable. The person needs to pull the trigger himself and if the person gets unconscious afterwards the person can at least be seen.