Kiskin Swimwear Features Heart-Shaped Window


By David Ponce

The only thing better than a permanent heart-shaped tattoo that you might end up wanting to destroy with lasers is a temporary one created by the melanin cells in your skin. The Kiskin line of swimwear can make the upcoming summer a little more fun for the girls out there, as each bikini bottom features a heart-shaped window (or other shapes, like a spade) that will let the sun right through. Of course, we’re thinking it better be glued to the skin, or else if it moves around, your heart is gonna look kind of weird.

Still, neat idea. And although this is an Italian creation, the website does appear to allow for worldwide shipping. It’s about €40 to €50 ($53 to $66).

[ Product Page (slightly NSFW, girl in bikini) ] VIA [ LikeCool ]