couchette_productThere’s a lot of products for pets out there. Just look here, here and here for proof. The Kittypod is yet another, whose very raison d’etre is questionable.

See, the creator, one Elizabeth Paige Smith says she

Noticed that her cat loved to scratch the industrial strength corrugated cardboard she was using for one of her commissions a few years ago, so she invented the Kittypod, a scratching post/cat bed made of the material.

Ok, so far so good, right? Sounds reasonable.

Now, well, I don’t know Jack and Ham about manufacturing processes, right? So I don’t really know how hard it is to produce these things. I mean, they’re made from cardboard, fer Jeevus’ sake, how hard can it be? So how is it that they cost up to 320$ a pop? I imagine brand appeal… What brand I say?

Who cares you say. You’re right, I say. Go here and you figure out if you want to like them or not. Story VIA Bookofjoe.