Klingon Keyboard Will Confuse Your Office Pals



By Luke Anderson

If you work at an office, do you hate it when other people use your computer? I’ve only worked in an office setting a couple of times, and that was always a huge pet peeve of mine. You just don’t touch my computer. Well if you’re a Trekkie, here’s one way to guarantee that no one messes with your PC. Just get yourself a keyboard that features Klingon keys and that’ll scare just about anyone off.

Other than the alien letters scrawled upon the keys, there really isn’t anything special about this keyboard. Though it seems that the Klingons still haven’t discovered USB. I’m curious just how strong these things are. I mean, what if you’re forced to fight to the death with the Trekkie three cubicles down? At any rate, this will set you back a whopping $63, though I’m sure a good portion of that is due to the alien technology contained within.

[ CherryKeyboards ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]