Klipsch Palladium P-39F Floorstander Speakers (Image via Klipsch)By Shane McGlaun

I am the first to admit that I don’t get audiophiles. The sort of guy willing to drop thousands on a CD player when you can get one that works perfectly for $50 is just beyond my understanding.

Klipsch on the other hand knows the audiophile market and knows how to pry the hard earned cash from wealthy audiophiles. Their latest addition to their high-end speaker line up is sure to have audiophile with large bank accounts lining up to buy.

The new Klipsch Palladium Floorstander speakers carry a price tag of $15,000 per pair. Klipsch used specially engineered drivers for the P-39F Palladium speakers that use a 3.5-way Tapered Array design along with a horn-loaded tweeter assembly and three high-output woofers. Really though, are these things worth $15,000? Maybe if they came with installation by topless Victoria Secret models that also cleaned my house and cooked me a steak they would be worth it. Nah, they still wouldn’t be worth 15k even then.

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  1. Klipsch is one of the Lower-end Speaker Manufacturers. I don’t know where they get off asking for 15,000 dollars for their junky product. Maybe they aren’t doing very well and they need some extra cash so, they come up with a scheme of charging a lot for their same pitiful quality product. It is very clever.

    Anyway, you want the best speaker money can buy, go with Bose, they are the best sounding and they won’t cost you 15,000. Plus, their sound is out of this world. You can’t beat Bose.

  2. Just Highs and Lows its BOSE, BOSE is weak sounding, literally. Klipsch do nothing but shout through a megaphone. Try something british, Castle, Proac, or Rega, these are amazing speakers, some cost a fortune but some are bargains, and they all do a better job at making music than shouty Klipsch, or tiny BOSE. And as for spending thousands on a CD player when $50 one will do, thats just stupid. Have you listened to a proper system setup? I’m not talking a multi thousand dollar system. I just mean a dedicated player like a NAD or Audiolab player, for $500 US (thereabouts) you can get a great great sound. and with a decent stereo amp (not multi channel) and proper speakers the music just flows.

  3. BOSE? Now that’s funny.
    Apparently you have never compared Klipsch side-by-side with Bose. Bose spends money on marketing. Klipsch spends money on making kick-ass speakers.

  4. AHAHAHAHAHA BOSE? TC, are you f_cking KIDDING ME? You clearly know NOTHING about speakers or audio in general. Do you realize that Bose is the ONLY speaker manufacturer in the entire world to not post the specs of their speakers? They are a f_cking JOKE. Stop believing what their ridiculous sales people and commercials tell you. Klipsch stomps all over Bose any day of the week.

    Here’s a little article that shows you why Bose is the McDonalds of the speaker industry. I can’t believe people STILL think Bose is the best… truly hilarious.