Knicks Cable Holder (Image courtesy Charles & Marie)By Andrew Liszewski

USB is great and wireless USB will be even better but until that time we still have to deal with those pesky cables. And if you’re like me you have a USB cable on your desk that’s only used for syncing gadgets and has the tendency to fall off the edge when not in use. This drives me crazy so in my opinion the Knicks Cable Holder is the greatest invention ever created by man! (Take that ‘the wheel’.)

It’s basically a small clip made from metal and plastic that easily attaches to the edge of your desk and hangs off by about a half inch. On the end is a small opening that will accommodate any cable including USB. The idea is that you run any loose cables that aren’t used all the time through a Cable Holder and when they’re not needed they’ll still fall off the desk but get caught in the holder instead of hitting the floor. So the next time you need to use the cable it’s conveniently hanging just off the edge. Simple, easy and incredibly useful.

The Knicks Cable Holder is currently available from Charles & Marie in two sizes for just $11.

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