Ooni has unveiled the Koda 2 Max, an enhanced version of their popular outdoor pizza oven, designed for serious outdoor cooking enthusiasts. The Koda 2 Max reaches temperatures up to 950°F (500°C), allowing it to cook authentic Neapolitan pizzas in just 60 seconds. It boasts a 24” cooking area, extended internal height, and the thickest pizza stones Ooni has ever used at ¾” thick, ensuring superior heat retention and distribution.

Digital temp hub

The Koda 2 Max introduces several unique features. It’s the first Ooni oven with a removable glass visor, offering a clear view inside while keeping the heat contained. The visor can also be removed to accommodate larger dishes. Additionally, it features an integrated commercial-grade pizza ledge, a handy spot for resting pans and turning pizzas mid-bake.

Powered by Ooni G2 Gas Technology™, the Koda 2 Max provides two independently-controlled gas burners for versatile dual-zone cooking. This technology ensures efficient fuel use, auto-sparking ignition, and variable heat control for precise cooking at high, medium, or low temperatures. The unique tapered flames deliver even heat across the oven, enhancing cooking consistency.

Ooni Connect™ technology further elevates the cooking experience by integrating with the Koda 2 Max’s Digital Temperature Hub. This allows users to monitor oven temperatures directly from their phone via Bluetooth, providing real-time updates on ambient air temperatures and readings from two included meat probes. This feature eliminates the guesswork, ensuring perfect results every time.

24″ cooking area – you can bake a 20″ pizza

The Koda 2 Max is not limited to pizza. Its extended ceiling height and dual cooking zones make it versatile for cooking a wide range of dishes, from steaks and flame-kissed vegetables to dips and skillet sides. The oven is designed for the great outdoors, making it a perfect addition to backyard gatherings, camping trips, or any outdoor culinary adventure.

For those interested in bringing this versatile and powerful cooking tool to their outdoor space, the Koda 2 Max is available for more information and purchase on the official page.