Kromath iPhone Chroma Keyer (Images courtesy Hassan Uriostegui)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s primarily designed for on-set, real-time visualization instead of serving as a full-on mobile compositing solution to complement iMovie, the Kromath Chroma Keyer for the iPhone is still an impressive app that pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone is capable of. It’s far from being an industrial-strength keyer by any stretch of the imagination, but presumably it’s optimized for blue or green backgrounds, and the ability to add polygon shapes to use as real-time garbage mattes is a nice-touch. You can also import your own images to use as a pre-comp, which makes the app somewhat usable for on-set visualization, and you can snap stills at any point for later reference.

Unfortunately you can’t use it to capture videos of the composite you see on screen, which means its use is kind of limited, and also makes its $34.99 price tag a little hard to swallow.

[ Kromath iPhone Chroma Keyer ]


  1. this is great. Seems really creative! I think my daughter will love this as well. She likes to make fun of our photos, edit them and put wacky things on it. I think this will help her tend to her needs. lol