kSafe Is A Smart Jar That Unlocks Only When You Achieve Your Goals



A month ago we wrote about the Kitchen Safe, which was a jar that would only open up after a set amount of time had elapsed, with no overrides. It’s a cool concept, but the kSafe takes that a couple of steps further. Instead of being only time-based, you can also set up two other types of goals: an activity goal and a location goal. This way, you could, say, toss your PS4 controller in there and set it up so that it’ll only release it if you make your way to the library, where you know you have work to do. Or you could put all your cookies in the jar and have it open up only after you’ve walked a certain number of steps. Having those two additional unlocking methods makes the kSafe much more useful and versatile, forcing you to accomplish things you know you have to do but may run out of motivation to accomplish on your own.

The early bird pricing is $79, and it goes up to $89 if you’re slow on the trigger. The Kickstarter isn’t fully funded yet, but if it reaches its target, expect an October delivery date.


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