LaCie 4big Quadra (Images courtesy LaCie)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though hard drive capacities are increasing while the prices are decreasing on a weekly basis, I still somehow can’t help but get excited when I see storage solutions like this new 4big Quadra RAID box from LaCie. The RAID comes in 2, 4 or 6 terabye capacities and connects to your PC via USB, firewire (400 or 800) and eSATA. It features seven different RAID modes if your priority is security over storage capacity, and also has a hot-swappable feature allowing you to remove or add drives as needed. Like with most of LaCie’s external drives it has a stackable and chainable design and is scalable up to 4 units giving you a total capacity of 24TB and up to 600MB/s transfer rates. It’s also about 30-80% more energy efficient than traditional RAID towers while the “ultra-reliable” cooling system is almost 50% quieter. The 4big Quadra starts at $849 for the 2TB model, and goes up to $1,749 for the 6TB.

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