LaCie Internet Space HD


By Evan Ackerman

A disadvantage of having a whole herd of computers (is it “herd” or would they have to have legs for that?) is that it’s hard to keep them all synchronized. Inevitably, I’ll be a thousand miles away and desperately need something that can only be had on one of my other computers back in my underground lair… It keeps thwarting my schemes to take over the world. If I could just solve this one thing, you’d all be my servants. This is why I’m optimistic (and you should be terrified) about the LaCie Internet Space network hard drive. It will automatically sync its 500 gigs with as many folders on as many computers as you like, and stream media files to your PS3 or Xbox 360. Also, you can access the files on it over the internet through LaCie’s website, which is a pretty nice feature.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this is totally something you can set up on your own with just a little bit of computer know-how, and at $210 for a 500 gig drive, you’re paying maybe twice as much as you would be for an equivalent network attached storage system without the fancy software. But there is something to be said for plugging it in and having it ready to go in five minutes, and this drive (according to reports) really can do just that. And, you know, it’s got that featureless white slab look going for it, so you know it must be good.

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