LadyBagBy Evan Ackerman

Losing stuff sucks. And it really shouldn’t have to happen anymore, now that everything (including your dog) is capable of having an RFID tag embedded into it. The LadyBag, designed by six SFU students, contains an RFID reader and a little LED display that will blink at you if doesn’t detect your wallet, keys, or cellphone within. As an added bonus, there are also LEDs to display the “emotions” of the bag, which it infers from how you treat it. Squeeze it, and you’ll get a happy face. Fiddle with the zipper, and it looks nervous. I can only image what you’ll have to do to get the little love heart to appear. Personally, I’d prefer something a little less open to interpretation… Say, an LED array that’s able to scroll text, such as “I need a hug,” or “don’t f*** with me, I’ve got a purse.”

This prototype is from a few years ago, and the RFID idea is such a useful one that I imagine somebody’ll get it into production sooner or later.

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