Language Line Phone


Language Line Phone (Image courtesy Language Line Services)By Andrew Liszewski

Until all world comes to their senses and everyone starts speaking that universal language I made up (Anglish – a mixture of english and caveman) there will always be that nuisance of a language barrier popping up. Usually crude hand gestures and speaking extra loud can get things resolved but at other times it would be so much easier to have an interpreter available.

The Language Line Phone provides 24 hour a day interpretation services and is easy to use and access. Each person picks up one of the handsets and speaks their mind and the unseen interpreter on the other end of the line translates the conversation back and forth. The phone is a lot more convenient (and hygienic) than passing a single handset back and forth and the service itself requires only a $3.00 monthly maintenance fee.

[Language Line Phone] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]