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Lap Blaster Laptop Audio Desk

Lap Blaster

By Evan Ackerman

Pyramat, well known for stuffing speakers into chairs, has stuffed speakers into a lap desk for your laptop and called it the Lap Blaster. In addition to better sound, the Lap Blaster also features a USB iPod dock and protects your lap from heat sterilization.

I have to question though just how useful this really is as a laptop accessory. Although there are no specs on the Lap Blaster, the two speakers (no sub) can’t possibly turn your laptop into a (as advertised) “personal home theater experience.” So basically, you’d be going from the lame speakers on your laptop to the slightly less lame (but still inevitably lame) speakers on the Lap Blaster, and you’ll be adding yet another bulky accessory to your desk. Fact is, if you want good quality sound out of your laptop, you’re going to have to plug it into something non-portable. Or headphones…

Of course, there’s a world full of compulsive buyers, so it might still sell. Who knows? No release or price date as of yet.

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