Laptop Protector

By Evan Ackerman

If you can’t afford a Panasonic Toughbook or a General Dynamics GoBook but you find yourself trying to be productive in wet and dirty environments, you might want to consider dropping 20 bucks on this glorified Ziploc bag from Thanko. The bag, which looks to be generally laptop-shaped (thereby differentiating from the far cheaper and most likely heavily patented Ziploc), slips over your entire computer and seals at the bottom, protecting most of your computer from inclement weather, rogue sandstorms, wayward bird droppings, or angry children throwing ice cream cake.

Laptop Plastic Sleeve

The cover isn’t completely waterproof, as there are vent holes at the back to keep your computer from baking itself, so it will most likely not respond well to submergence. But for you klutzy or adventurous laptop users, it could be $20 well spent.

[ Thanko (Translated) ] VIA [ Technabob ]