Las Vegas WET (Image courtesy Proteus Creative)
By Andrew Liszewski

It seems over the past few years the city of Dubai has been making a big push to overtake Las Vegas when it comes to outlandish building projects. But sin city keeps steadily growing and the almost perpetual construction will carry on for at least a bit longer now that a group of investors is looking to build a new sports-themed resort.

They’re currently in the final stages of buying over 200 acres of land near the south strip where they intend to build the mammoth facility. In addition to 2 upscale 600 room hotels it will also feature a 350,000 square foot waterpark with ‘themed’ areas, a 5000 seat arena and probably the biggest attraction, a state-of-the-art indoor ski area.

I really enjoy Vegas and having been there many times for trade shows and vacation I’m always interested to see what new hotels and resorts are being planned. In fact I was recently back there after being away for only 2 years and was surprised to see how much had changed in that little time.

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