MASH Studios LAX Wall Mounted Desk (Image courtesy Design Public)
By Andrew Liszewski

This wall mounted desk is part of the LAX Series by MASH Studios and seems like the perfect addition to anyone living in a smaller apartment. It mounts directly to the wall and takes up far less space both physically and visibly than a standard desk does.

Of course depending on what type of wall you’re mounting it to you might want to limit its use to laptops and other lighter activies. I’d personally be worried about setting up a full-size computer on it unless the desk was anchored to something like a concrete wall. And of course you better be certain you like where it’s being mounted because moving it afterwards is not so easy.

The Wall Mounted Desk is available from Design Public in an English Walnut finish for $675 or a European Birch Plywood for $975. And keep in mind that’s only for the desk portion. The shelf above it runs an additional $590 to $901 depending on what finish you choose.

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