LEGO Johnny-5 (Image courtesy rack911 via Brickshelf)
By Andrew Liszewski

There have definitely been some very cool LEGO models to hit the internet over the past few years, but I’m really impressed at the level of detail that’s gone into this relatively small scale replica of Johnny-5 from Short Circuit. Created by Brickshelf user rack911, the LEGO Johnny-5 features everything from working treads, to his shoulder mounted toolbox, to even his animated eyebrows which he used to woo Ally Sheedy. Now if someone were to build a similar model integrated with LEGO Mindstorms, all they’d have to do is leave it out in a thunderstorm and hope that one lucky lightning strike would give him a lovable personality, instead of reducing him to a mound of melted plastic.

[ Brickshelf – Johnny-5 Robot ] VIA [ UberReview ]


  1. I'm very impressed with that Johnny 5 lego robot. It's much more detailed than my own, but I've always loved the movies and just wanted to show it to you. 🙂


    A Short Circuit Fan.