LEGO, Star Wars And Wolksvagen Volkswagen Trifecta Intrigues, Confuses



Craig Callum is a Denmark-based design lead for LEGO. He gets to play with this stuff all the time, meaning there’s a good chance he’s a geek like us, and like any self-respecting geek, Craig clearly has an appreciation for Star Wars… and German engineering. How or why he thought of using his skills as a LEGO designer to combine the legs of an AT-AT Walker with the upper body of a Wolksvagen Westphalia van however, only Craig knows. But the results are surprisingly appealing, in a “what if the Empire was run by a bunch of really motivated hippies” kind of way. Perhaps it’s the almost oxymoronic juxtaposition of the drive and ambition of an Evil Empire hell-bent on galactic domination, with the laissez-faire, let’s love everything attitude of the hippie that makes this creation intriguing. Or perhaps we’re just reading too much into something that’s just supposed to look cool. Either way, we’ve run out of things to say about it.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]