By Evan Ackerman

Somewhere in your house, you have some small object that desperately needs to be levitated. Desperately. Me? I’ve got a single serving box of Cheerios that’s crying out for liftoff. The Levitron Revolution is capable of lifting up to 4 ounces of anything you want. The little bowl on magnetic fields, slowly rotating, illuminated by lighting from the base, forever. Or at least until you shut it off; I’m assuming it’s got an electromagnet in there somewhere. Yeah, you have to put your thing in a special bowl to get it to levitate… A machine capable of levitating small objects (like frogs) sans a magnetic platform is a wee bit more complicated.

Although there’s no specific pricing or availability yet, it should be out sometime before the holidays for (my guess is) somewhere between $50 and $100.

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