Yeah, those are ACs. See, we’ve already covered the Modern Smoke Detector. It’s time someone paid attention to that other common eyesore in your house: your air conditioning unit. Come on, look at it. Is it nice? Sleek? Sexy? Does it match anything in your decor? No, of course not, it’s an object of necessity, not one of desire. You buy it for the function, not the form. Now LG has done something about it.

Just look at them. You can even get some with artwork on the face, like that Van Gogh. Of course, you realize, hot cool new designs come at a premium, with the cheapest of these units starting at 1700$. But man, do you get what you pay for. At least I think. I don’t know squat about ACs, but check out these specs: Nano Plasma Air Purifying System, Plasma Heat Exchanger, Anti Corrosion Gold Fin, Jet Cool, Auto Cleaning, Natural Wind by Chaos Swing (??), 3 Dimensional Air Flow, Healthy Dehumidification, Wireless LCD Remote Controller (!!).

I don’t know about you, but me, anything with the word plasma has me sold.

Don’t know if they’re available in the US, but here are the links anyway. The product page.
LG usa page.
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  1. I only have to say this: the LG Art Cool 1.5hp air conditioner has been a very good and very reliable machine in our house. I used to trust brands like Pansonic and York, etc. No more, my last Panasonic Super ionizer air conditioner has been one of the worst air conditioning system I ever came across!