LG’s 55 Inch OLED TV? It’s Real And It’s Spectacular


By David Ponce

We were talking to an LG representative last winter at CES and he was going over how awesome the 55EM600 is. How thin. And then we saw it and couldn’t quite believe our eyes: the thing was razor thin and the colours just popped. But it wasn’t ready for prime time. Rumour had it that at such a thinness and expanse of viewing area, structural integrity might have been a concern. Well now news is that the tv is almost ready to ship and it now has a large base that relocates all the connections to the back, while the back cover of the screen is now made of carbon fiber. This has allowed it to shed even more width, leaving the screen at a barely-there 4mm thin (0.16 inches).

The technology is new however, and when this happens, the prices rocket sky high. Word is that when it ships later this year, you could be looking at €8,000 ($10,063) in bank account draining damage.

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