LG LSM-100 Smart Scan Mouse (Image courtesy LG)
By Andrew Liszewski

Of all the PC peripherals that gobble up your precious desk space, the flatbed scanner has to be the worst offender. If there happens to be one on your desk right now, I’m sure it’s buried under a mountain of papers and other crap that has to be cleared off on the rare occasion you actually need to scan something. So LG has done a real solid for anyone who hates desktop clutter. Their new LSM-100 Smart Scan mouse has a scanning head built into it, so it just takes a couple of passes back and forth whenever you have a document to scan.

It’s obviously not as easy as just slapping a page on a scanner bed and hitting go, but I’m assuming it comes with the necessary software to automatically stitch several passes of a scanned document together for you. It’s also got some OCR capabilities, which is a must have for any scanner, and the ability to spit out documents to a wide variety of formats. The $150 price tag (available at the end of August in Europe and internationally a little later) might not appeal to everybody though. Particularly since I’m going to assume this mouse has some extra bulk and heft to it, which can’t be fun to push around all day.

[ Gizmag – LG’s LSM-100 mouse that doubles as a scanner set for release ]