A while ago we wrote about The Bluetooth Light Bulb. It was a nice product but its availability was not known. Now we’re hearing about the LIFX LED Bulb and we’re starting to hope we can actually get our hands on something real. Unlike the other one, the LIFX works with WiFi to communicate with its application. One bulb connects to the router, and then creates a mesh network with every other one you have installed in your home. Once online, you can adjust each bulb’s brightness and color, as well as program it with a timer. Other features include the ability to dim the light when you go to bed, and to automatically match the colour to the music you’re listening to (mood lighting).

It’s $65 right now as a pledge on Kickstarter, with delivery slated for March 2013. More importantly, the project is not only fully funded, but it’s raised $700,000+ when its goal was $100,000, proving that the market is ripe to bring a bit of innovation to an invention that’s barely changed in the last 100 years.

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