Like Owner, Like Pup: Matching Sweaters for You and Your Pooch


Matching Christmas Sweaters

Who needs a kid when you’ve got a dog?

We kid, because we all know parenthood changes everything and that nothing beats the joys (and pains) of being a parent. In the meantime, you can redirect your parenting tendencies to your lovable pooch while you’re childless and yearning for some love and affection. Parents are always dressing their kids up in mini-me outfits, and there’s no reason you should miss out this year, because Funky Tails has come up with these matching sets of owner-and-pooch sweaters that are as adorable as they sound.

They look horrible as most Christmas sweaters do, but this time, your canine best friend will share in the humiliation.


Matching Christmas Sweaters1

Matching Christmas Sweaters2

Matching Christmas Sweaters3

Matching Christmas Sweaters4



The sweaters are available from Funky Tails for $45.

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