Lots of people have the habit of dropping their gadgets into puddles of mud or water. It doesn’t matter if it happened accidentally or out of sheer carelessness. Once some devices get wet, they’re busted for good and there’s nothing you can do about it. So don’t let things reach that point–instead, prepare for the worst by coating each of your devices with a waterproof layer using Liquipel’s Liquipod.

Currently on display at CES 2013, the Liquipod is basically a machine that will coat your phone or tablet with Liquipel’s nanocoat so you can waterproof your device anytime, anywhere.

Liquipel plans to continue their retail push with the pods, where consumers would have to pay $60 to get their device treated. The 4′ by 4′ Liquipods would be easy to place in a mall or retail outlet, which adds greatly to the convenience of the whole process.

VIA [ TechCrunch ]