There are tons of external batteries with varying features that make them more or less compelling to the discerning consumer. The LithiumCard has been a popular offering, with a tiny footprint and significant power capacity. But the LithiumCard PRO takes things a couple of steps further:

Our Engineers were faced with a design principle that was coined the 1-2-3 challenge.

Our Unparalleled R&D Efforts Resulted In:
1 Full charge on an iPhone 6
2 Times the thickness of the original LithiumCard but 3X the capacity
3 Amps of class-leading power. It’s equivalent to the combined speed of 3 Apple iPhone wall chargers. Means less time charging, up to a third of the wait for a full charge!

To give you an idea of what this means, the iPhone 6 Plus can demand up to 2Amps of power when charging, even though the cube that Apple provides can only output 1A. So with the LithiumCard PRO you’ll be able to get it charged twice as fast as if you were plugging it into the wall. And even though it comes with its own Lightning (or MicroUSB) connector, there’s also a USB port to allow charging of other devices.

Another interesting feature is that if you plug your iPhone to your PC through the LithiumCard, not only will you be able to sync, you’ll also charge the LituhimCard PRO and the iPhone simultaneously. There are even more features, but we’re running out of space. All you need to know is that for a $39 pledge, you can get your hands on one of the smallest, most convenient and ingenious external chargers on the market. And that’s half the expected retail price. Delivery is expected in May.




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