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Replace your keys with a smartphone app.

August is a company that manufactures smart locks for keeping your home secure with a simple tap of your smartphone. Its co-founders, Yves Behar and Jason Johnson, have the aim of allowing you to keep your home as safe and secure as possible, all in a simple way. Keep your doors locked with smart technology.

Manage Your Lock

The Smart Lock works with both iOS and Android, with the newest option working with the iPhone via its Siri voice assistant. This particular Smart Lock is known as the Homekit Enabled edition and works simply by using your voice to lock or unlock your door or to check the status of it. While the Smart Lock is compatible with both iOS and Android, it also works with the Apple Watch, enabling you to lock or unlock your door as well as check the activity log and get notifications on the status of your door. The devices are connected by Bluetooth so that the status of everything involving your doors syncs automatically with your smartphone.

Track Who Comes and Goes

Generally, whichever version of August Smart Lock you use, you are assured of a 24/7 activity log that tracks everyone who enters or leaves your home. Each member of the household also gets a unique key, which means you will always know who is coming or going at any given time. The auto-lock and auto-unlock features of the product free up your hands, pockets and bags of keys, which is convenient and offers you peace of mind as the door automatically locks when you leave. When you return home, a simple tap of your smartphone will unlock the door.


There is no need to call a professional installer or an IT support company in Los Angeles for the process. The August Smart Lock is sleek and attractive in design and easy to install. For your convenience, only the interior of your door hardware has to be changed as it replaces the deadbolt. The exterior of your door remains the same, none of your neighbors have to know you are using a new security product. Perhaps one of the best things about the Smart Lock devices is that they have no intricate wiring, which means you can simply install them yourself. Everything is hooked up by way of batteries, and once the battery starts running low, you will quickly be notified by the August app. All your security system needs to function are four double-A batteries and a Phillips screwdriver for installation.


The August Smart Lock starts at $199.

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