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The Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard can pair up with three Bluetooth-enabled devices at a time. Juggling objectives between devices can prove difficult when you’re focused on more than one task. This keyboard is a convenient solution that will bring your devices together without tangling you up. A bright and bold design paired with a sleek, compact frame is the perfect combination for any user on the go. IT support vendor in Los Angeles outlines its complete specifications and requirements. Let’s review the features and characteristics.

Bluetooth Features

The Logitech K480 can pair with a computer, smartphone and tablet at the same time. There are no wires to drag or tangle. You can simply pair with your tablets, smartphones, or desktops of your choice, and you’ll be set. Suppose you’re writing an essay on your desktop and get a message on your phone. Simply turn the dial to switch over to your phone and use the keyboard to type in place of your touchscreen. Then switch back to your document in a matter of seconds. How about replying to a tweet on your phone and getting back to that email you need to send out? Just a turn of a dial and you’re done! The possible combinations are endless.

Stand Your Devices

The built-in well allows you to position your phone and tablet at a parallel angle for your viewing. You don’t have to put down your phone to work your tablet or desktop. A complete dashboard is directly in front of you with your devices housed securely and efficiently.

Proficient Typing

The large, full-size keyboard features large keys and a neon interface for easy device maneuvering and clear sight. Shortcut keys are strategically placed with the quickness and comfort of the user in mind. The dial is located directly on the front end of the keyboard, and it allows for you shift connections in a snap.


The Logitech K480 is compatible with multiple operating systems on both desktops and mobile devices. These include:

  • PC: Windows 7/8 +
  • MAC: MAC OS X +
  • Chrome OS+
  • Apple Mobile: iOS 5 +
  • Android Mobile: Android 3.2 +

Cost & Specs

The Bluetooth Keyboard K480 is priced at $49.99. The device utilizes two AAA batteries which are included with the keyboard. It makes an excellent keyboard for any desktop or mobile user, with portability and usage at the top of its standards. It weighs a light 1.81 lbs. and is sleek for an easy fit in your laptop case or backpack.